Sturgeon Consulting has been a great asset to EGI.  We have used their services for Supervisor Accountability Programs, employee training, and equipment Lockout / Tagout procedures.  Todd Sturgeon has the ability to relate to employees at all levels which makes him very effective for us.  His detailed knowledge of equipment and machinery also is a great benefit.  I would highly recommend Sturgeon Consulting as a partner for any business. Sturgeon Consulting has helped the following divisions to date for EGI: Ellwood City Forge, Ellwood Engineered Casting, Ellwood Mill Products, Ellwood National Crankshaft, Corry Forge, and Ellwood Texas Forge Navasota

Ben Conaway
Ellwood Group Inc.
Safety and Health Director

Thanks to Sturgeon Consulting’s unique and creative approach to insurance we were able to cut our annual insurance premiums by almost $500,000! We appreciate the great advice and constant level of professional support provided to us by Sturgeon Consulting since 2003.
Sturgeon Consulting has also partnered with us to implement Supervisor Accountability and Target Zero injury programs. We have seen over a 90% reduction in average annual injury rates since starting our relationship with Sturgeon Consulting.

David M. Groner, President/ CEO
Clarion Bathware Inc.
Acorn Trucking Inc.
Clarion Transportation Corporation

Equipco has benefited greatly from the expertise and training which we have received from Sturgeon Consulting over the past seven plus years. Since we began working with Sturgeon Consulting our workers’ compensation experience mod rate has dropped from 1.802 to 0.695. Todd Sturgeon has made Equipco a much safer workplace, and has brought large savings to our bottom line.  I would highly recommend Sturgeon Consulting to any business, and would be happy to discuss their services at any time.

Tony Angotti Controller

Todd Sturgeon has been our “go to guy” for insurance coverage since 2004. He brought safety practices to our attention in order to limit our exposure to liability and excessive rates.  Sturgeon Consulting brings a pro-active approach to insurance, which gives us some control over issues that may seem uncontrollable. He guided us through the PA Safety Committee Certification process and continues to do the update training each year as part of his services as our agent.  This certification speaks loud and clear that we care about the safety of our employees and the limited risk we bring to a job site.  Todd also taught me how to be fully prepared for audits – to plan carefully.  His quick response to any questions or concerns I have is the main reason I renew with him year after year.

Vicki L. Gass, President
J&J Fire Protection Co., Inc.

Sturgeon Consulting is a vital piece of the Safety and Environmental Team here at Clarion Bathware.  Without the guidance and input from Sturgeon Consulting, our overhead costs would be significantly higher.

Marucs Bingham, Vice President
Clarion Bathware


We have been working with Todd Sturgeon for almost 7 years.  His experience and expertise has been an asset to our small company as we do not have the resources to hire a full time person to navigate the many regulations that are required to run our business.  The best praise I can give for Todd is our recent wall-to-wall OSHA inspection.  We passed the inspection with no violations!  He was one phone call away, and guided the inspectors and us through the inspection process from start to finish.  I can honestly say that, were it not for Todd, we could have been looking at thousands of dollars in fines.  Todd is definitely the best employee we don’t have.  I would highly recommend his services to any business owner who wants to make sure that their business is in compliance and ready for the day that OSHA shows up at their door.

Lori Miller, Administrative Director
Structural Modulars, Inc.