Human Resources

  • Does your staff know how to properly screen and hire employees?
  • Do they know what questions they can and cannot ask in an interview?
  • Do they know how to legally get the answers to the questions they are not supposed to ask?
  • How do you legally avoid hiring an employee with a pre-existing condition that could turn into your future workers’ compensation claim?
  • Is your handbook well written and effective?
  • Is someone providing you with claim handling advice that is for your best interest and not that of the insurance company?
  • Is a trusted source available to conduct non-biased, non-politically motivated investigations into company incidents and issues?
  • Do you have someone who can confidentially meet with employees to address issues and situations, and provide practical solutions?
  • Is there a trusted source to address and mediate personnel conflicts that are adversely affecting the organization?

Another benefit to partnering with Sturgeon Consulting, is to have a trusted advisor available when you need them.  Need a second opinion, investigations conducted, conflict resolved, employee counseled?……we are there!